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Theatre Tique

Theatre Tique does several performances based around ‘Mannetje Tique’.
Tales of cooperation, humour, bad luck, emotion, friendship, love, fun, fantasy, dreams, and much more.
Tique has wonderful, exciting and humorous adventures through fabulous interplay of the actors.

header_home_V4Circus Tique

Tique wants to become a circus artist and be in the centre of attention. His friends are helping him, but Tique doesn’t succeed at everything he wants.

‘Circus Tique’ is a family or school theatre performance, with duration of 44 minutes, and comprises the following stories:

testheader_v1The Trick

Tique wants to do a very difficult and special trick.
Through trial and error, and with the help of his new friends, that turns out wonderfully well.

youtubeTique Magique

Tique enters the world of magic.
But that’s trickier than it seems!
These 2 adventures of Mannetje Tique last about 22 minutes each, and are very suitable for festivals or events.
So you can run into Mannetje Tique everywhere!


In our new show ‘RomanTique’, Tique falls in love! But Tiqi is a very, very strange girl…